The Story

This year’s story is one of redemption for the two main characters (Ranger Earendel and the Ghost Thief Assassin a.k.a Eawynn of the Star Kingdoms). In the tale the children will learn that the White Stag (Jesus Christ) can change hearts that are repentant and fill hopeless and impossible situations with Divine Mercy (Vengeance of Divine Love against Hell). The GTA has stolen the Master Key to the 10 Star Kingdom’s (leaving Ranger Earendel for dead) meaning that Silverion’s destiny lies in the balance. The Colleges of the Bellatorum (female warriors – Latin) and the Phoenix (Universal symbol of Resurrection) have made the epic journey from The Farthest Land (New Zealand) to Elessiä Tungol (USA – literally Realm of the Stars/tungol Old English) with Ranger Earendel to find and hold to account the GTA, and in doing so they enter into their most deadly battle yet.