Silverion (pronounced Sil-vair (as in “air”)–ee-on) means Kingdom of the Holy Spirit. The world is called Fiæll Erda (Autumn-Greening in Old English signifying /Death and Resurrection; pronounced Fee-all (“a” as in “Aslan”) Er (as in “air”)-dah. It is our world in mythopoetic form.

The Camp is foundationally tied to Tolkien’s charism of sacramental mythopoetic imagination as the source for Evangelisation. Bishop Barron refers to Tolkien as the “Master Evangelist.” From its foundation Silverion has been linked to promoting the Cause for J. R. R. Tolkien’s eventual Canonisation,  and sees the evangelisation of young people through his Art as an excellent way of working for this.

Tolkien’s quote “This in its otherworld and fairy-tale setting is a sudden and miraculous grace” is the vision that underpins a weekend full immersion experience that in its detail and Story is never to be repeated.

The Story is now in its third year, the first two years were at Mt Te Aroha and Ngakuru Tyburn Monastery in New Zealand (Middle Earth) but guided by the Holy Spirit our tale continues in South Carolina, USA (Rings of Power)!

The camp scripture for year 3 is; “Vengeance is mine. Calamity is at hand.” – Deuteronomy 32:35 with regards to the Flame of Divine Love’s victory against the powers of Hell.