20-22nd October 2023

Heart Ridge Mission, South Carolina, USA

So shameless was her spectacular betrayal, she runs from one thing only on this Fiæll Erda; the memory of the depth of his eyes. Avoiding it at knifepoint, with rage, never having dared gaze, just once, at the one she left for dead…

They call her The Ghost Thief Assassin.



Vengeance is mine.

Calamity is at hand.

Deuteronomy 32:35








Have you ever dreamed of camping in Narnia under myriad stars? Or to hear the autumn leaves fall in Rivendell?

Written on all our hearts is the Call of the White Stag and the Lady of Light to enter into the Great Story, the greatest battle of our time! The forces of darkness have gathered their armies, and the Hope of Fiæll Erda now falls to you, you the Children of Light!

Silverion (Kingdom of the Holy Spirit) is a Catholic Tolkien Medieval Fantasy Camp. Founded in 2019 in the Farthest Land (New Zealand) and now journeying to Elessiä Tungol (USA). Its charism is an unfurling mythopoetic Story that follows the Spirit and journeys according to its inspiration.

It calls young boys and girls aged 8-16 to encounter Christ, the White Stag, and Mary, The Lady of Light, and find their vocation to be courageous warriors of Hope. 

1) Strengthening virtue through a fully immersive theatrical storyline in a fantasy medieval setting.

2) The invitation to live a sacramental life through daily Mass, Reconciliation, Holy Hour and Eucharistic Adoration.

3) Providing a community as a safe haven for integral growth and fostering faith-based friendships and spiritual mentorship.

4) Formation through leadership training, talks, experiences, and small groups.

Silverion is an independent organisation, taking necessary measures to secure adequate safeguarding as per the Catholic Diocese of Charleston.

The Story so far…